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3D Leaflet TR

Tau’s 3D Leaflet TR is a trans-catheter device with three dimensional (3D) membrane leaflet to compensate for the regurgitant orifice of tricuspid valve, which can be delivered by minimally invasive catheter in a simple procedure.

Tau Pivot TR

·Novel technology for catheter based treatment of tricuspid regurgitation(TR) using T-clipse technology that can treat all coaptation gap size

·Simple procedure taking less than 15 minutes through transfemoral venous approach

·Fully repositionable and retrievable when needed, even after a couple of weeks later

·Fluoroscopy-guided without complex imaging guidance such as TEE

·Atraumatic to surrounding structure

·Ability to reduce afterload if acute RV failure occurs

Tau Loop MTR

·Tau’s proprietary technology for trans-catheter treatment of both MR and TR with a single device in a single procedure.

·It is based on the platform of the Mitral Loop Cerclage Annuloplasty device that has the obvious advantage of an easy approach that creates a loop structure surrounding 360° of the mitral.

·The platform (TV arm) crosses the TV plane and is positioned underneath the tricuspid leaflet, and the TR blockage spacer (3D leaflet) is on the device arm crossing the Tricuspid valve.

Work in Progress for more Details

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Hear Disease
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