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Thru-Septal RF Ablation


Tau’s Thru-Septal RF Ablation is a electrical catheter which access directly to the ventricular septum of heart with venous system, and it ablate the Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy site with RF (radio frequency).

·A simple transvenous catheter approach; TIRA catheter to overcome the shortcomings of surgical myectomy and trans-coronary alcohol septal ablation.

·Delivering a low-profile ablation catheter into the ventricular septum using the same transvenous coronary sinus technique and trajectory used in through-septal approach.

·Intra-septal ablation was successful in all swine in-vivo attempts and induced a focal regional wall motion abnormality at later follow-up.

·We published the study presents in-vivo evidence of the feasibility, effectiveness, and safety of cerclage ablation method to debulk interventricular septal myocardium.

·As of May 2021, the first-in-man clinical trial is under way in South Korea.

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