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Thru-Septal Pacing

Tau’s Thru-Septal Pacing is a pacemaker lead that can access directly to ventricular septum of heart with a simple minimally invasive operation that impacting on the overall electrical conduction system of the heart. Technically, Thru-Septal Pacing have vital role to deliver electrical impulse (signal) directly to the HIS bundle, core axis of the cardiac conduction pathway, and vicinity.

His Pacing Thru-Septal Pacing
Target His bundle and adjacent tissues His bundle and adjacent tissues
Approach Right atrium and right ventricle Coronary sinus and ventricular septal veins
Applicable pacemaker leads Only available with Medtronic's Select Secure 3830 lead All leads of over the wire type can be used (Medtronic, Boston, St Jude, etc.)
Clinical Data Holds Relatively Rich Clinical Data Obtaining Initial Clinical Data
1. In 10-20% of patients, it is difficult to locate the lead by finding the appropriate point.
2. The high Pacing output causes shortening of the life of the pacemaker battery.
1. General surgeons need education on the procedure as a new approach to treatment
2. In addition to the pacemaker's general device tools, accessory devices necessary for the procedure are required (this is the company's development item) (this is the company's development item)
3. The procedure is affected by the septal vein structure.
Positioning as a new alternative to pacemaker and ventricular synchronization therapy Provides wider treatment opportunities as an alternative to other approaches for His pacing

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Hear Disease
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